Thursday, April 05, 2007


Synergistic Neurophysiological Efficency

Neurophysiological Partitioning:
since the CNS controls and regulates all physiological process of the human body, these optimizations must occur at the microscopic cellular level in the nervous system first.

All these changes can be explained by considering the process of energy efficiency of neural communication and neural processing. Energy (available ATP) is finite. It is reasonable to assume that the limiting factor for this energy efficiency optimization process is the use of available ATP. Thus, to optimize neurological programs, the CNS will shunt and mobilize ATP to the areas of greatest physiological need in the CNS.

Synergistic Neurophysiological Efficency:
Over time, all neural processing moves to the most energy efficient state. Neuroplasticity is driven by long term efficiency of the information processing NOT the long term survival needs of the individual.

Neuronal communication and computation are efficient when considered in the dual (synergistic) context of energy and information rather the either context alone.

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