Tuesday, March 22, 2011


nature’s most unique and beautiful biological organism

After many years of chiropractic practice, I stopped looking at symptoms, diagnoses, subluxation patterns, and unpredictability of treatment and began to gaze in disbelief at what I had been missing in thousands of patients: The human body, controlled by the nervous system, is nature’s most unique and beautiful biological organism. It is designed and driven for a purpose.

Brains are evolution’s answer to the fundamental necessity to collect, transmit process and store information. The nervous system has developed to identify signals, detect patterns, manage inputs and outputs, produce patterns in space and time and store information. Nervous systems develop and expand a set of molecular mechanisms for intra- and intercellular communication that enable living systems to organize components and achieve homeostasis. Because nervous systems are specialized for speed, efficiency and wide-scale integration, the molecular, cellular and system wide constraints that determine signaling and computation in complex systems is obvious. Nervous system information theory stipulates that in the nervous system, noise (ineffectual signals), response range (physiological capacity) and speed of response are the most researched constraints to processing information in the nervous system processing.

A more obvious constraint, metabolic & local resource cost has just been ‘discovered’. Humans are slow to discover the obvious, especially the purpose of life.

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