Saturday, July 26, 2014




1.                  Imagination:  where do you want to go, where do you want to be, where is your future.  The secret is to develop a magnificent obsession.  The thought must be, “I am the major key to my better future.”

2.                  Consider your goals:  your dreams, your vision, your mission for your life, your profession and where you are.  The secret is whatever you move towards, is moving towards you at the same speed.  The thought should be, “I can always have more tomorrow if I’m willing to become more and learn more today.”

3.                  Consider your knowledge: learn from other people, learn from yourself, follow the examples of successful others, ask to be mentored by the greatest and best in your chosen calling, vocation or profession.  The secret is that all good knowledge must be pursued.  The thought should be, “Unless I change, I will only have what I’ve already got.”

4.                  Consider your personal skills:  you get what you tolerate.  You have demand out of yourself more than anyone could possibly think of.  The secret is to don’t settle for less than you can become.  The thought should be, “What you use and you improve, you will never lose.”

5.                  Consider your association with people:  who do you hang around?  The secret should be to never underestimate the value of people.  Also, don’t overestimate the value of people and power of their influence on your life.  The thought should be, “You become who you associate with most of the time.”

6.                  Consider your lifestyle: how do you want to live?  What do you want to understand and pursue?  Become solution orientated.  How long do you want to live and how do you want to live?  The secret is to learn to be happy with what you have while in pursuit of what you want.  The thought should be, “You are where you are and what you have are tiny matters compared to what you can become and what you will fulfill and have.”

7.                  Consider your contribution to life.  The secret in life is to become as valuable as you can to as many people as you can.  The thought should be, “It’s difficult to attract what you refuse to become.”

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