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What is FACT?

What is FACT?

The Functional Analysis Chiropractic Technique, or FACT, is a revolutionary technique that takes into account that the most important physiological functions are to breathe and move. Therefore, the goal of FACT is to improve breathing efficiency and movement dynamics, which will in turn improve basic global human physiology. With a focus on Breathing Pattern and Gait Analysis to determine the cause of inefficiency, Doctors of Chiropractic will be able to more accurately address the segment, side, line of drive, and torque needed to improve CNS signaling efficiency, thereby providing patients with the greatest benefit possible through chiropractic adjustment.
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FACT is designed to work in conjunction with any adjustment technique, and those proficient in FACT will be able to successfully treat even the most challenging cases, from stroke to Fibromyalgia. As such, the practitioner will have learned to observe human movement and pathological respiratory mechanics as it is revealed uniquely in specific conditions, such as Parkinson's,
Schizophrenia, and Atrial Insufficiency.

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